WOW, Beautiful Praying Mantis and Classification

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Praying Mantis – It is the first topic on biologimu this article. Regarding the reasons why, will be explained in more detail.
Praying mantis

which is a foreign term Praying Mantis (probably because like another prayer times yes, hee ..) has the scientific name is a grasshopper Mantis religiosa most unique among other locusts. In addition to the shape of the body, legs, wings, grasshopper Sembah has a head that can rotate or turn, while the other locusts generally as flexible rotating head can not Grasshopper Sembah. It was just a bit of the description of what I know. Learn friend biologimu learned Entomology which is a branch of biology that studies the insects.

Grasshopper classification Sembah

Mantises included in the Kingdom Animalia Classification System as follows (Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: April 2013).

Kingdom: Animalia
Subkingdom: Invertebrates
Phylum: Arthropods
Class: Insecta
Order: Mantodea
Family: Mantidae
Genus: Mantis
Species: Mantis religiosa

Next is the reason why mantises become prime posts in this blog. Grasshopper is because Sembah may have very bad eyesight in the dark so that the response to the motion is less sensitive.

locust sembahSuatu when some days when you wake up from sleep and walk stepping to turn on the lights, accidentally stepped on something and emit sounds that it is almost like a small plastic sound already and squashed until it breaks.

Well, it was something that was trampled mantises, very sorry for all, .. ksian..ksian..ksian … (ala style upin ipin)

Although locust Sembah not die because the reflexes are directly lifted foot when stepped on. But certainly the locusts will not live long, because his stomach has broken .. The grasshopper finally was laid in a guava tree just beside the house. Subsequent fate is unknown.

Hopefully Grasshopper Sembah funny and not other harmful can mate preserve.
ITU .. message from Biologimu (ala Mr. Mario) ^_^

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