This One is Kind of Energy Drink is Safe Not Harmful

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Is there really a risk hidden in energy drinks? Could be yes can not, and do not arbitrarily select drink energy drinks that are not clear. Because actually there, the type of energy drinks safe, harmless. The content of energy drinks this one is also quite natural and doses have appropriate health rules. So, you have to worry about side effects tidka bernergi drinks that people feared because of the energy drink energy drinks iini not classified as hazardous. Then, the actual drink what is meant?

Yes, this is Red Bull, one example of energy drinks are safe and harmless. Because Red Bull is a caffeinated energy drinks were few and appropriate standards atauran so good for stamina. To be more clear, please refer to the explanation on the definition of energy drinks on the following information.
Indonesia is the Red Bull energy drink that had always trusted and PASS TEST OF FOOD HACCP. The energy drink Red Bull is the best kind of energy drinks, and has been awarded a 15-year succession recalled. No wonder, if the Red Bull energy drink called harmless. It has been tested that Red Bull are energy drinks that contain less caffeine than 1 cup.

Red Bull energy drinks safe types, it can be seen from its contents are safe to consume and provide good benefits of energy drinks to increase energy in daily activities, especially if consumed as energy drinks for sports. Red Bull will still be safe to eat as a sports drink because it is a natural sugar energy drinks that will improve the energy during taken correctly. This is what makes Red Bull energy drinks, including the type of natural sugar. And .. so far that has been widely known by the public, so only the Red Bull energy drinks list which are not harmful and the best drinks Indonesia.

minuman berenergi kratingdaeng aman tidak berbahaya

Are energy drinks harmful?

There are many energy drinks but Red Bull is safe and not harmful to health. Red Bull uses natural sugar with caffeine content less (smaller) than the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Red Bull energy drinks as well as stamina and energy enhancer supplements the body that has met the standard BPOM RI. Red Bull won the highest and most prestigious award in the category of energy drinks.

Energising beverage with the Award for 15 consecutive years

Yes, this is a world-class energy drinks. Red Bull is a drink with international standards. Red Bull, the drink was first formulated in the country of Thailand in 1962, under the auspices of TC Pharmaceutical. Red Bull is marketed worldwide use the trademark RedBull with international quality and safety standards. Local flavor and aroma adapted to the tastes of Indonesia. Red Bull is an energy drink best and reliable choice of Indonesia who won the Indonesian Customer Satifaction Award for 15 consecutive years. Only Red Bull who was awarded the ICSA since it was first launched. In addition to the Customer Satifaction Award Indonesian Red Bull won the highest and most prestigious award in the category of energy drinks among:
  • Indonesian Best Brand Award
  • Top Brand Award
  • Indonesia Most Favorite Youth Brand
  • Wow Brand Champion
  • Social Media Award
  • Super Brand Award

    Energy drinks with pure sugar

    Kratingdaeng merupakan minuman berenergi yang menggunakan gula murni dengan kemasan praktis sehingga bisa langsung diminum. Definisi minuman berenergi adalah minuman yang mengandung satu atau lebih bahan yang mudah dan cepat diserap oleh tubuh untuk menghasilkan energi dengan atau tanpa bahan tambahan makanan yang diijinkan, dengan persyaratan total energy minimal 100 Kkal/sajian (SNI 01-668-2002). Definisi minuman berenergi menurut BPOM yaitu minuman yang jika diminum dalam jumlah yang wajar sesuai aturan minum perhari maka dapat memberikan energy tidak kurang dari 300Kkal (KepDirjen POM RI No 02240/B/SK/VII/91), pangan yang dapat memberikan energy minimal 300 Kkal per hari (dari BPOM RI No HK Artinya, minuman serbuk tidak dikategorikan sebagai minuman energi oleh BPOM karena minuman serbuk hanya mengandung 5-8 kkalori per sachet. Minuman serbuk juga tidak dapat langsung diminum dan menggunakan pemanis buatan contohnya Aspartame.

    Red Bull BPOM registered and passed the HACCP food safety testing

    The entire content of the Red Bull are in accordance with the specified safety limits BPOM so safely consumed 3 bottles a day. Red Bull is produced at the factory in Sukabumi already obtained ISO 9002 certification and passed food safety test in which every manufactured product has passed the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) tight. Red Bull is not a drug that has no side effects and does not cause addiction.

    Is it true that energy drinks cause death?

    Many cases of death due to overdose of caffeine from energy drinks products imported from abroad are too high caffeine content up to 500ml / dish or 10x higher than the coffee, causing palpitations. Energy drinks abroad is also not an official permit from BPOM so that safety is not guaranteed. There is news that some Red Bull illegal products banned in Indonesia? Right, because these products are illegally imported from abroad so that no permit from BPOM. Consumers are advised to consume only products which include Number BPOM. So make sure that you drink Red Bull is produced in Indonesia that is safe for health.

    The caffeine content of Red Bull equals one cup of coffee

    The content of caffeine in Red Bull 50ml / bottle or the same as the content of caffeine in one cup of coffee so that Red Bull is safe to consume every day because it has met the standard BPOM RI (National Agency of Drug and Food). Facts about caffeine based on data recorded by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) USA, owned caffeine content of energy drinks Indonesia is still far below the content of caffeine contained in a cup of coffee so it is safe to eat every day.

    Red Bull Composition Containing Many Benefits

    As an energy drink, Red Bull certainly has the advantage to increase the energy produced by the vitamin content and composition in the Red Bull. Sugar content in the Red Bull is a major source of energy produced, as well as vitamin B complex contained in Red Bull can help convert carbohydrates into energy. While the caffeine content beneficial to stimulate the metabolic and central nervous system. Even the results of several studies suggest that caffeine has a function to improve concentration, cognitive abilities and improve mood.

    1. Benefits Taurine (Taurine) is an amino acid which are found mainly in fish and lactose (milk), this substance has several benefits to improve the function of the heart, brain function and helps maximize the secretion of enzymes for metabolism of fat in the body
    2. Benefits of Caffeine is an antioxidant that is found in coffee and chocolate are beneficial to stimulate the brain’s neurons to increase the metabolism and rejuvenate the cells in the body and meeningkatkan concentration and alertness.
    3. Inositol Benefits to improve the metabolism of fat.
    4. Benefits of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) is a component of coenzyme in the body that helps convert carbohydrates and fat into energy.
    5. Benefits provitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol) is a component of coenzyme plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
    6. Benefits of Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl) help the metabolism of amino acids, fats and was instrumental in the formation of red blood cells.
    7. Benefits of Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamine), it’s body plays a role in the formation of red blood cells, improve the working of the nervous system, helps in the formation of tissue that protects nerve fibers.
    8. Benefits Choline (Choline) to protect the liver and improve the metabolism of fat.
    9. Benefits Lysine (Lysine) to assist in the production of energy, lowering cholesterol levels helps the growth of bone, skin and muscle formation.
    10. Benefits Glukuronolakton to improve concentration and memory, and protects the liver when working hard.

    Ideal time consumption

    Red Bull may be consumed before and after the move; especially for activities that require physical and mental endurance is high, such as the high school and university students before and after the start of their regular activities at school and in college; professionals before and after the start of their work; before and after sports activities; before driving, especially for long distances; while being assembled or hang out with friends. Red Bull can accompany any activity of any life form. For optimum results, it is advisable to drink Red Bull approximately 30-60 minutes before the move both physically and mentally. For daily consumption / light activity just 1 bottle per day on a regular basis. For heavy activity 3 bottles per day.

    So not all energy drinks are dangerous because only Red Bull that using natural sugar with kafen content of less than 1 cup of coffee. Red Bull also meets the standards BPOM RI and gained many awards every year in a row.

    Thus information about Energizing Drink Safe Not Harmful. This article also as participation in the Contest SEO Contest Energizing Drink Safe Not Harmful Red Bull. Hopefully friends with this blog, so as to win and useful for anyone who read it. thank you

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