The Method Scientific of Biology, Definition, Examples & Step Stride

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Scientific Method Biology – Science always has a certain characteristic terms and one of them is using the method. In studying and reviewing a particular object, also used a particular method, so that the results can be recognized and scientifically substantiated. Therefore, a method that is usually used is called the scientific method.

The Scientific Method is an important factor in determining the development or progress of a science, not to mention Biology. Therefore, Biology scientific method should be introduced early as in the 10th grade in high school. At least the students / pupils can understand pengeritan, steps, mapun simple example of the scientific method.

Have you remember when I was elementary school or junior high school, you are required to observe the germination of green bean plants. Where some green beans grown in a bright place, partly planted in a dark place. What comes to mind at the time? Well, to understand and know the point when it is, please understand the following explanation.

Scientific Method

The method is a procedure or the way a person doing an activity to facilitate solving the problem regularly, systematically, and controlled. Scientific means in accordance with scientific principles to gain knowledge is naturally based on the evidence of fission. So the scientific method is a process or way of doing science in the scientific process (science project) to acquire the knowledge systematically based on physical evidence. The way to acquire knowledge or truth in the scientific method should be governed by considerations logical (McCleary, 1998).

Based on the above definition of the scientific method may unwittingly or by realizing you also have done the scientific method in your daily activities. Moreover, scientific methods of biology, may often do, because biology is always associated with the activity of the human body daily.

Biology Scientific Method

scientific methods of biology, for example, steps, understanding
Knowledge is said to be scientific if it meets several conditions, including:

  • Has the object of study
  • Have a method
  • Systematic
  • Is universal (generally accepted)
  • Be objective (whatever they are)
  • Analytical
  • Characteristically verification

The points above are characteristic of biology as a science. Detailed descriptions can be found in the article Biological Characteristics For Science, by clicking the link below.

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This is the reason that the scientific method is essential to a science. Biology also developed with scientific methods, thus conclusions drawn should be valid, accurate, verifiable, not just based on the perception of researchers but also of data facts on the ground (real life). The scientific method is a process of deductive and inductive thinking. Deductive thinking means thinking of things that are common to the special nature of things, for example, is the process of making a hypothesis. While inductive thinking means thinking of things that are specific to things that are common, for example, when making a conclusion based on the data and analysis. Well, so you have an overview of the scientific method, please note the following chart.

scientific methods of biology, for example, steps, understanding

Steps Scientific Method Biology

Based on the picture above, it can be seen that the steps of the scientific method of biology includes the following steps.

1. Identifying Problems

Observing the problems that exist around, then find problems really exist or problems that initially gave rise to no.

2. Problem Formulation

Problem acquired formulated in a question, such as whether, why, how, about the problems to be observed.

3. Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a conjecture (answer) while on the formulation of the problem under study. This hypothesis is still limited possibilities is uncertain and needs to be further investigated later.

4. Study Design

In the design of the study need to be determined in detail about the research method used, the study variables (control and free), instruments and materials, data analysis techniques, time and place, and the things that need to be prepared prior to the study carried out

5. Experiments

Experiments are experiments conducted, and must comply with the design or steps. In this process will be obtained data of the experiment.

6. Analysis of data

that have been obtained experimentally can be quantitative data (numerical) such as length, height, weight, and so on. Also can be qualitative data such as flavor, color, texture, and so on. The data is then processed and analyzed statistically.

7. Conclusion

The conclusion is obtained based on the data that has been analyzed, whether it supports the hypothesis or reject the hypothesis.

8. Reports

All processes from beginning to end penelian compiled in a report format or experimental research that can later be used for publication or delivery of the data to the public.

Explanations in detail about the steps of the scientific method, please refer to the following article.

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Examples of Scientific Method Biology

A simple example of applying the scientific method to observe the growth process of biology for example green beans. The purpose of this experiment is usually to observe the effect of sunlight on the growth of green beans. Please practice this experiment, then observe. What happens if the seed plant green beans grown in the dark, and what happens if planted outside the room filled with light.

When sufficiently understand it, please do experiment as in the example of the scientific method of research of green bean plants. In detail, please click on the following link.

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Until there first, an explanation of the scientific method in biology. Bida and does not explain everything in detail in this one article. Therefore, please visit some of the materials are still in touch with the scientific methods of biology in other articles to be clear and understood. Okay, may be useful.

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