The beginning of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, before the Human Evolution

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Charles Darwin is famous theory that reveals the Origins of Man. Emm .. agree or not, it’s free. His name is also the theory, yes not. Charles Robert Darwin was a scientist in the years 1809-1882 were ever put forward the theory of evolution on the origin of man, and claimed that early humans initially were apes that evolved into modern humans today.

It seems that new theories have also begun to emerge, so that shift and cause the collapse of Charles Darwin’s theory. The new theories include the theory of creation expressed by Harun Yahya. But any theory that is created by a scientist, must have been through the process and lengthy analysis, by collecting evidence to support his theory. And maybe, someday will be replaced by theories that later, it was reasonable.

Know that science is always evolving, also continues to advance human civilization, and the development of human-generated technology is also becoming more sophisticated. It is only logical if in today’s modern era, a theory that will be published must have experienced the process and stages of scientific research. To support his theory, the scientist must be able to address the evidence resulting from the research process.

But, forget it all. Basically we can not imagine. As well as films in theaters. If the fantasy and imagination of man is limited, maybe this time we will not watch movies that are cool with a variety of visual effects that make it like a real movie once.

The important thing is, please learn and absorb as much knowledge as much as possible. But do not forget to take the positive and apply them in the real world. So that people do not give a label of “ah, theory”. Okay, sob. Let’s continue.

Charles Robert Darwin

teori evolusi charles darwinTheory of Evolution Darwin did not appear out of nowhere, but through a long process. Beginning his journey began with the aim to map the coast of South America that is still unclear.

When the ship around the American continent, Darwin observed the various adaptations of plants and animals in the forests of Brazil. Darwin concluded that the flora and fauna in the region of South America is different from the flora and fauna in Europe.

While visiting the Galapagos Islands, Darwin discovered sepsis confusing. Generally the species found in the Galapagos are not found living elsewhere, though there are similarities with the animals in South America.

In his observations, Darwin discovered a wide variety of finches that have a wide variety of beak shape. Although these species is somewhat similar, but seen as a distinct species, and show kinship with finches in South America.

teori evolusi charles darwin burung finch

Based on the above image, finches major difference lies in the shape and size of their beaks, which are adaptations to certain foods.

Charles Darwin put forward his theory in his book The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (the origin of the species which occur through natural selection), published on 24 November 1859.

In the book mentioned three principal theories, namely:

  1. Species living today are from species that live in the past
  2. Evolution occurred through natural selection
  3. The process of evolution is influenced by the environment

The theory put forward by the things that have been observed as follows.

  • Each species has a great potential fertilization so that the size of the population would increase exponentially if every individual who is born successful experiment
  • The size of the population tends to be stable except for seasonal fluctuations
  • Limited natural resources
  • Individuals vary greatly in terms of population characteristics of the body, but no two individuals are exactly the same
  • Most of heritable variation in offspring

The evidence for evolution can also be found on the uniqueness of the butterfly Biston betularia. Butterfly species have lived before the industrial revolution in England. Generally, these butterflies have a white or bright colors. But after the industrial revolution, this butterfly is found mostly in dark colors or black.

Why did it happen? Try to pay attention. Is there any factor of natural selection there.

Darwin’s theory of Human Origins

The above theory is the beginning of the evolution theory of Charles Darwin. After completing his journey, Darwin also studied geology, especially of fossils. Most books are studied in depth Principles of Geology (the principles of Geology) by Charles Lyell.

In the book, Darwin concluded that:

  • rows of fossils found in different young rock with fossils in older rocks,
  • the difference was due to the change gradually.

Furthermore, please learn more and more about the theory of human evolution here »Theory of Evolution Darwin’s The Origin of Man


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Those are some explanations and a brief review of the Theory of Evolution: Darwin and evolution of man. May be useful for anyone who read them, if there are less obvious and would like to ask please comment or ask via Contact. Thank you for visiting.

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