Studying Biological Sciences, in Benefits and Danger, CAUTION !!!

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Biological Sciences – Whatever you learn science, certainly many benefits to be gained. In fact not only know the sense of it, if it has been steeped in the science sometimes there who abuse their knowledge. This is what can cause a danger, not only for a few people, but for many people even for beings, other creatures. But, a smart person would definitely use his intelligence for good, it has cleverly named. Not use his intelligence for evil, if it is the cunning of his name. So is biology. If studied in depth, the many benefits that we can get, but it would not mean yes. If you are a person who likes to learn including Biology, use it for good in order to be useful to others, people around, other living things, even for this world. As described in a hadith “best man adala useful for other human beings”.

Understanding Biology

Let’s start from the simple, the understanding of biology. Biology comes from the words “bios” meaning life and “logos” meaning knowledge. So, it is easy Biology is the study of living things, including humans, animals, plants, microorganisms, as well as the environment.

Biology is one of the branches of science (natural science) special study of living things. Understanding of the life of a living being, then of course we can feel the benefits and apply in their daily lives liver. And .. definitely a lot. More info please pelajarari here »Understanding Biology.

Benefits Biology

Inevitably, daily activities we will always intersect with the name of the biological process. As a simple example, the mechanism of our body are all part of the biological process. So, it’s good to learn from and identify biology even though you are less like. But, there will be many benefits to be gained from studying biology. Yes, a lot .. a lot of benefits in various fields instead. Here are some of the benefits of studying biological sciences.

  • In the field of food, biology can produce a variety of processed foods such as fermented food whose nutritional value is much higher
  • In agriculture, biology can create a plant or plants that have high quality such as transgenic plants (genetically modified), as well as hybrid plants (crosses)
  • In the health sector, Biology provides the benefits of knowledge about morphology, anatomy and human physiology. Which will be useful for maintaining health and human health care.
  • In pharmaceuticals, biology can provide a variety of information on the benefits of various medicinal plants as well as chemical drugs that test is often done on an object animal experiments.
  • And .. there are many other benefits

More there are more than 15 areas of life that there is a lot of benefit from studying Biology. More please learn here » Benefit Biology.

Dangers Biology

Despite the many benefits of studying biology, but there are still people who are always abusing his knowledge. Of course, this raises the danger. The danger posed can also be large or small depending on the type of problem posed.

Here are some of the dangers and disadvantages if one studied Biology.

  • Abuse additives and toxic substances in food.
    Of course familiar, we often hear news about the danger of food laced with harmful chemicals such as borax, formalin, or dyes that are not for food.
  • Pencermaran due to incorrect use of pesticides.
    Pesticides should be used to kill insects on agricultural crops can actually be contaminants such as DDT. Even the impact chain of producers, consumers 1 to humans.
  • Deadly diseases and biological weapons of mass destruction than
    anybody ever heard of a biological weapon? Yes, this weapon deliberately created as ancaraman more dangerous than the atomic bomb weapons. Certainly because the consequences are not only small, but the impact include large scale and even long-term effect. Scary too ya ..
  • And many others ..

So how do you, the Biological Sciences WOW too right. Remember, any knowledge learned should be used for good and beneficial to human beings, other creatures, as well as the universe. Hopefully this brief information that can be made ??use of and provide benefits for those who read or find it from Google. Thank you for visiting.

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