SPECIAL Characteristics of 17 UNIQUE Plant and Function, Interesting

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Special characteristics Plant – In this world there are many species of plants, ranging from low-level plant species like algae, higher plants, and there is also a unique plant. Among them is the lotus plants (plants hidrofit), cactus (plant Xerophyte), pitcher plants, orchids, mangrove, roses, spikes, and many more plants else can we can find in the neighborhood are like mango, banana, maize, rice etc.

To be sure, it is interesting to study the plant world and endless. Not necessarily mempelejari or memorize everything, but at least we can identify plants that are around us. And at least we also recognize the unique plant and has special characteristics, because something unique that’s usually easy to remember, really do not sob?

Feature Special Feature Plant and Functions

Here are some unique plants that have special characteristics we need to know and their functions

1. Semar bag

As the name suggests, these plants have pockets which is a modification of the leaf. It contains liquid. Its function is to trap and digest insects. Therefore, Nepenthes also called carnivorous plants.

2. Mangrove

plants characteristic feature of plant mangroves which have roots sticking out of the ground, its function is to breathing (also called the root of breath). Naturally, because this plant life on the waterfront, where the roots are in the soil will be waterlogged so minimal gain O2.

You know why? Plants that the garden will be more fertile if before ditanamani plant, hoe-hoe the soil first. Nothing else is so that the soil is also getting a lot of oxygen asurpan.

3. Orchid

Orchids are plants epiphytes (attached to other plants). Orchids also has unique characteristics, there are six strands, each of which is unique. Description more details on the matter will be studied next.

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4. The lotus

plant lotus plant belonging hydrofit (life in the aquatic environment). Memilii lotus leaf large round, its function is to the absorption of sunlight, the stomata of the leaves located at the top because the bottom under water. Lotus plant stem has a hollow structure that serves to keep the air so that the plant can terati float in the water.

5. Rose plant

rose has thorny stems or called spina. Its function is to defend themselves from predators, so as not to be eaten by other animals. Plant roses instead of fibrous roots, you know, despite the small trunk. But the rose plant has a taproot with the characteristics of the leaves and flowers are similar to those of other dicotyledonous plants.

6. Venus plant

plants venus has leaves that can shut, its surface filled with sensitive hairs and filled with nectar, its function is to attract other animals that captivated. Then, when there are insects that stuck the leaves of this plant will be shut and trap prey. Venus plant will release digestive juices which will destroy the victim’s body so it can absorb nutrients.

7. Plant Shame Princess

Princess shy also have leaves that can be shut when exposed to the touch. When tightened the lower leaves and the one who looks paler, so that they can outwit a predator that will eat it. In addition, the plant stem shy daughter also have spines that also for defense.

8. Carrion flower (Amorphpophallus  titanium) – NON-Raflesia arnoldi

know flowers are soaring upwards, can reach a height of 4 meters and a diameter of 1.5 meters. The color of the looming is beige, while the purplish red mahkotaya. The flowering period of only 7 days. Endemic plants in Bengkulu.

9. Rafflesia Arnoldi (puspa rare)

This flower blooms, widened to the side. About 1 meter in width and height is only about 50 cm. Is a parasitic plant that ride on host plants. Endemic also of Bengkulu.

10. Coconut tree

plants have fruit typical coconut fibers are thick and hard shell. Its function is that when coconuts fall on the sea to survive longer and swept the sea to find land suitable for forming buds sprout and grow into a palm tree.

11. Maize

Maize has male and female flowers are separate. Male flowers located at the tip of the plant, while the female flowers located in the armpit leaves. Fruit corn have hairs whose function is to catch the pollen. Pollination aided by the wind, because it has flowers that are not brightly colored and do not attract insects. And the most unique is that no pollen will fertilize the ovary in a tree, because the tree between male and female flowers have a maturation (cooking ) different. Thus, it is clear that the pollen that fertilizes the pistil always derived from other maize crops.

12. Aloe Vera

plant Aloe vera (Aloe vera) has leaves that are thick and fleshy. Spiny leaf margins for self-defense.

13. Sunflower

crop plant is growing always facing the sun, as well as the flowers facing the sun.

14. Banyan

tree Banyan tree roots hanging and big enough. Its function is to get a supply of air or oxygen as much.

15. Plant Bamboo

Plant Bamboo is a plant jointed or tribe of grasses. Pertumbuahan can be faster than other tumbuah, which is about 40 cm per day and can reach a height of 37 meters. Thinking about the meristem tissue (young) on each book. Each book contained the feathers are sharp and can cause itching.

16. Plant water hyacinth

plants hyacinth has ballooned petiole (hollow), its function is that can float on the water surface.

17. Plant Paku (suplir)

Reproduce by spores. Certain species of plants grow tall and big as a coconut tree. The special feature of this plant is the end of the rod is always rolled up.


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Why yes, there must be a term of herbs and plants. Guess what..? Yes, if the plant can normally grow wild (in the forest), while the plant is a plant commonly planted for its benefits. So what are the benefits?

Benefits Grown Plants (Plants)

Crops grown would have benefits for humans, such as food ingredients for the needs of human life, to enjoy its beauty, or have benefits for example to maintain the environmental balance and maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding air, and many other benefits. That’s some special features plants plant Unique and around us. And probably many more that have not been written here. So, if anyone wants to ask about the characteristics of the special features of plants more please convey through comment or message via the Contact. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting.

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