Material Biology for Class X Part 1 and 2

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Biological materials Class X Class 10 SMA / MA is the first critical period, because if at the beginning of the learning is less attractive, it could be a student so dislike and henceforth also be interested in learning biology. Therefore, to prepare materials IMPORTANT Biology class X semesters 1 and 2 is as attractive as possible. To further the students to be more pleased to learn biology.

No material ecosystem, animalia or animals, Plantae or plants, and also there are other interesting material material, which makes learning more exciting moment in the first grade. Yes, for myself studying biology are cool because of more frequent practice, both in laboratory and in field observations. Do you still remember the semester xi biological materials class 1 and 2 were anything? If you do not remember, or forget-forget to remember, yuk let us reopen the material in the following explanation.

Biological materials Class X

Grade 10 or grade 1 SMA / MA, it is early days in which a student start a new education level, higher, and certainly different from the previous level of SMP / MTs. Lessons learned far more in-depth and more detail, in terms of both theory and its application in the real world.

Therefore, it is the noble task of a teacher in order to teach the material with attractive as possible. So that the perception of the students at the beginning of learning to be more interested in learning and more excited and curious to continue to learn more deeply.

It is intended that the biological material generally (inevitably) is a “rote” becomes more interesting, does not seem rote, and can be found in the environment, may also be applied and habits (guidelines) in activities of daily living.
An example is how to keep the virus is not easily transmitted to others. It is one of the materials teoritf and abstract enough because we could not see the virus with our eyes, but the important thing is how we can live healthy and not infected with virus.

materi biologi kelas x semester 1 dan 2

Biological material Class X Semester 1

Here is a class X semester of biological materials 1.
1. Scope of Biology

  • Branches of Biological Sciences
  • Objects Learned in Biology
  • Scientific work
  • Work safety
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2. Diversity Gen, type, and Ecosystems

  • Biodiversity in Indonesia
  • The uniqueness Forests Tropical Forests
  • Indonesian Biodiversity Conservation Efforts
  • Classification System Living
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3. Virus

  • developments Virus
  • Virus role in Life
  • Participation Virus Prevention

4. Eubacteria

  • role eubacteria
  • Archaebacteria and Characteristics
  • role Archaebacteria

5. Protista

  • General characteristics protists Similar Plants, Animals, Fungi
  • The role of protists (algae) in the Life
  • The role of protists (protozoa) in Life
  • The role of protists (like mushrooms) in Life

6. Fungi

  • grouping Mushroom
  • role of Mushrooms

Biological material Class X Semester 2

Here is a class of biological materials X 2 semesters.
1. General Characteristics of Plants (Plantae)

  • Lumut plant
  • plant Nails
  • Seed plants (Spermatophyta)
  • role of Plants

2. World of Animals (Animalia)

  • invertebrates
  • role Invertebrates
  • vertebrates
  • The role of Vertebrates

3. Environment

  • Ecology, Ecosystems
  • Energy Flow, Cycle Recycling Biogeochemistry
  • Interactions in Ecosystems

4. Environmental Change or Climate

  • Causes of Environmental Change
  • Environmental pollution
  • Recycling Waste
  • Ethics and Life Harmony with the Environment

The material above will be outlined more clearly in biology textbooks SMA / MA. For more details, please download course materials Biology Class X Semester 1 and 2 in the form of a PDF. Adala electronic book (ebook) Biology SMA / MA works of Moch Ansori and Djoko Martono.

Well, that’s all the information that can be shared in this post. May be useful for all of us. And more advanced education in this beloved country Indonesia.

If the biological material class x is no less, please provide comments. thank you

please download the material in PDF format following
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