General Classification of Dragon Fruit, Morphology and Benefit

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Classification Dragon Fruit – Dragon fruit is rich in benefits and efficacy are already well known. Fruits are considered a type of cactus has been spread all over the world. Cactus? Yes, this dragon fruit is from the cactus family. Want to know the full explanation? Please refer to the general classification of dragon fruit below. Not only that, you also can find out the benefits of this dragon fruit,

Dragon fruit originally came from the state of Mexico, Central America and South America. But are now beginning to spread across the world including Asia such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Even this fruit can also be found in Okinawa, northern Australia, southern China, is also Israel.

The term “dragon fruit” is also a history. Which originated from Vietnam and China, this fruit has a distinctive feature. According to history, in 1870 the dragon fruit is brought by the French people of Guyana to Vietnam. Originally only used as an ornamental plant, but for the Vietnamese and Chinese fruit are considered to have the blessing. Hence, dragon fruit is always placed between two tails sculpture green dragon on the altar table.

The red color of the dragon fruit striking between the color of dragons green, and the influence of the habits of Chinese culture, making the fruit is known as thang loy ( Dragon fruit). The term thang loy is then translated by eroga and other countries as dragon fruit (dragon fruit)

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Classification Dragon Fruit

Here is a dragon fruit in general classification.
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Spermatophyta

Subdivision: Angiospermae
Class: Dicotyledonae
Order: Cactales
Family: Cactaceae
subfamily: Hylocereanea
Genus: Hylocereus
Species: – Hylocereus costaricensis
– Hylocereus undatus
– Hylocereus polyrhizus
– Selenicereus megalanthus

Dragon Fruit Varieties

As mentioned in the above classification, there are several varieties of species of dragon fruit, namely:

  • Hylocereus undatus (dragon fruit red skin and white flesh)
  • Hylocereus polyrhizus ((dragon fruit red meat red skin)
  • Hylocereus costaricensis (dragon fruit red skin super red meat)
  • Selenicereus megalanthus (dragon fruit yellow skin and white flesh)
  • dragon fruit classification and morphology

Morphology Dragon Fruit

Plant morphology dragon fruit consists of roots, stems, thorns, flowers, and leaves.
The roots of dragon fruit in the form of fibers, growing in soil on top of the root hanging rods. Grow roots along the stem on the back fins on the corner of the trunk. On the thorns, will grow flowers shaped like Wijayakusuma flowers. Flowers that do not fall develop into fruit. The fruit is round to slightly oval the size of an avocado. Bright red fruit skin to the type of white and red dragon fruit, dark red to black dragon fruit (super red), and yellow for the yellow dragon fruit. Around filled with tassels are analogous with dragon scales. Therefore, this fruit called dragon fruit. The stem is triangular, prickly very short and inconspicuous, so often considered “spineless cactus”. The flowers are blooming in the early evening when the flower buds are already measuring about 30 cm. Outer petals beige, blossom around nine o’clock at night, then followed by the crown part in clean white, includes a number of yellow stamens. Flowers such as funnel will eventually fully open at midnight, because the dragon fruit is known as a night blooming cereus. When in full bloom dragon fruit spreads fragrance. This scent to lure the bat, in order to assist in the process of pollination (pollen arriving on white).
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Dragon Fruit Benefits

Benefits or efficacy of dragon fruit for health there are many, including the following.

  • can act as antioxidants
  • can boost immunity
  • can inhibit cancer growth
  • can reduce cholesterol
  • can maintain both skin health
  • and others…
  • More benefits please refer to the following review.

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Well how, it was clear right about the general classification of dragon fruit are also morphology and benefits. May be useful.

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