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Cell Biology – Also called Cytology is the science that studies the cell. Cell biology is a branch of biology.

Cell biology also studied in more detail and detail into several branches, including medical cell biology, human cell biology, plant cell biology, cell biology pharmacy, as well as cell and molecular biology.

What Learned in Cell Biology?

It studied in cell biology materials include cell physiological properties such as structure and cell organelles present in the cell, the cell environment and interchanges, the life cycle of cells, cell division and cell function (physiology), to cell death.

Basically, there are a multicellular organism (many cells) and unicellular (single-cell). Examples of unicellular organisms, among others Paramecium, Euglena, and so forth. And examples of multicellular organisms, among others, human, chicken, coconut, banana, and others.

The cell is the structural and functional unit of a living creature. That’s because the cells that make up that body of a multicellular organism, and the cells that actually carry out the activity of the body, such as muscle cells to contract, the nerve cells to receive stimuli, and so forth.

Cell Structure Concept

Animal and plant cell structure is very different, as shown in the figure on the side. And Cell Biology discussed in great detail and clear from the cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm and organelles found in the cytoplasm as the nucleus, mitochondria, Golgi apparatus (Golgi apparatus), the endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomes, and peroxisomes.

Learning Objectives Cell Biology

After studying the materials of Cell Biology for one semester, students are expected to explain and describe the visualization of cell structure and function of membranes, intracellular compartment and sorting of proteins, vesicle transport, energy conversion, cell communication, cell junction and the extracellular matrix, cell cycle and apoptosis.

Benefits Mempelejari Cell Biology

The benefits that can be obtained by mempelejari Cell Biology, among others, students can develop the ability to think on the cellular level, students can develop the skills of understanding biological processes to the cellular level and students can develop the ability to work at the cellular level.

Face to Face Highlights Sub Topic Competence
1 INTRODUCTION Contracts learning, learning events of Cell Biology Unit,
The evaluation system
Tasks structured
2 VISUASLISASI SEL cell observation method with light mikroskup
cell observation with electron mikroskup
3 Membrane CELL STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Microstructure
Models membrane
The function of the ion transport membrane and organic molecules
4 intracellular compartment SORTING AND PROTEIN Kompartmensi eukaryotic cells
Transport produks to cell organelles
Sorting protein
5 TRANSPORT vesicles cell produks transport mechanism to RE & amp; KG
cell produks transport mechanism to lisossom
endocytosis and exocytosis
6 ENERGY CONVERSION The structure and function of mitochondria
The structure and function of chloroplasts
7 CELL COMMUNICATION The basics of cell communication
Signal in cell communication
8 JUNCTION CELLS & amp; Extracellular matrix Junction on animal and plant cells
extracellular matrix
plant cell walls
9 CELL CYCLE & amp; APOPTOSIS The stages in the cell cycle, cell cycle control
Cleavage mitosis
The factors that cause apoptosis and the process

materi kuliah biologi sel dan molekule

Biology Moleculer

Is one branch of biology that studies the relationship between the structure of cells and molecules exist in cells that play a role in the biochemical processes for sustainable life of the cell. In a nutshell, molecular biology learn the basics of molecular phenomena in every living creature.

Therefore, the objects are often studied in molecular biology are nucleic acids, including the maintenance process, the transmission, and the expression of biological information that includes transcription, translation, and replication.

Molecular biology is still relatively new in the world of science, but has been progressing very rapidly. This development occurred when the biological information of bacteria and bacteriophages can be disclosed.

Likewise the development of recombinant DNA technology known as geneika engineering technology weapons, in the 1970s has contributed greatly to the development of molecular biology.

Syllabus Molecular Biology Curriculum

Course materials Molecular Biology covers the historical development, the relationship of molecular biology with several other disciplines, nucleic acids, the molecular structure of chromosomes, DNA replication, transcription, translation, regulation of gene expression, mutation, the basics of recombinant DNA technology, gene library, cloning vector , PCR, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, as well as genetically modified organisms and the pros and cons of its use.

Learning Achievement
Students are able to explain the basic concepts of molecular biology and their application in recombinant DNA technology.

Students acquire the basics of molecular biological phenomena and basic techniques of molecular biology.

Satuan Acara Pembelajaran Teori

Tatap Muka Pokok Bahasan Sub Pokok Bahasan Kompetensi Bahan Bacaan
1 Contract Learning and Introduction Agreements and the assignment of a semester learning space the scope, history of development, relations with other sciences, a review a glimpse of the cell, macromolecules After studying this subject students are expected to explain 1. scope, development and Molecular Biology relationship with other disciplines, 2. The characteristics of prokaryotic cells, 3. The characteristics of eukaryotic cells, 4. The difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, 5. various subcellular organelles in eukaryotic cells, and 6. The molecular structure of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Agus Hery Susanto (2012) Subjects Molecular Biology, Fak. Biology Unsoed

Presentation: Chapter 01 PENDAHULUAN.pdf

For a more detailed description of the cell organelles, please awaited next posting. Hopefully this article lecture material and Molecular Cell Biology can provide benefits. Regards..

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