All Benefits of Studying Biology Science in REAL Life

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Benefits Biology – Learn biology related to life will certainly provide a variety of benefits to human life. Because so many benefits to include various fields, then biology clearly beneficial to make people’s lives for the better. Such as in the fields of medicine, health, industry, agriculture, livestock, and many more benefits in other areas of life.

Benefits Biology

Increasingly day life issues will always bemunculan and turns, could not be separated from biological problems as well, such as health, environment, food, energy requirements, and other biological permaslahaan. This triggers biological scientists to conduct research or research and develop technologies that are friendly to the environment.

Therefore, even though you studied biology was less so like. Hopefully it will be useful later in your life, people around you, your surroundings, also all life on earth. Yes, because Life will be useful in the development of human life and the earth. As it has been applied in various fields below.

manfaat mempelajari ilmu biologi dalam berbagai bidang

Benefits of Biology in Various Fields
1. Biology as Basic Science

Studying the basic biology in school will provide insight and benefit to those who learn, among other things:
Benefits pemahan study biology may provide more depth to the person that can be applied as a basis to improve their living standards.
Provide knowledge of various biological resources that are useful for the fulfillment of human life kebutuha.
Providing knowledge to the conservation of biological resources to avoid extinction.
Affect humans in order to diversify the use of biological resources in order to obtain new sources of different

2. Benefits in Scientific Research

The more in-depth study biology, scientists are able to conduct a variety of research or studies that are useful to humans. From the simple to the extraordinary as created beings rekaya creatures, such as fish that lights up in the dark. Ever hear the info? Yes, that’s the fish whose genes have been inserted with Phosphorus element capable of being used for the indicators of environmental pollution.

3. Benefits in Health Sector

Biology benefits in the health sector is definitely a lot of, like studying the structure of both the anatomy of the human body (outer shape), physiology (form and function), histology (tissues) and others. All of which as a basis for maintaining the health of the human body.

Including when they are sick, there are already many cure ranging from antibiotics, vaccines, or drugs or nutritional supplements to support the health of the human body.

4. The benefits in the field of Pharmaceuticals (medicines)

Benefits in the field of Pharmaceutical Biology (drugs), can support the implementation of experimental medicine and disease treatment with certain drugs before produced for humans. With the combination of chemistry or Biochemicals, it is known substances or chemical compound produced by the body, which if the chemical Senya can not be produced by the body that can be replaced with compounds that are produced manually and inserted into the body.

5. Benefits in the Field of Medicine

Ever hear the word transplant? Yes, the term is already popular in the 20th century, which is a method to replace the patient’s organs with organs from donors in. For example the kidneys, liver, eyes, and even the heart can be transplanted.

The continued development of biological technology in the medical field has also helped the couple were hard to get offspring. This is a method called “test tube babies”. A method to bring together the egg and sperm in a sterile tube (in vitro), after fertilization and pemebelahan cell zygote, and then the embryo will be implanted back into the mother’s womb.

6. Benefits in the Field of Environment (Ecology)

Ecology is the science that studies the relationship of living beings with the environment or natural surroundings. By understanding the biology of the human being will be able to live more harmoniously and in tune with their surroundings. Sederhansa of things like not pollute the surrounding environment with inorganic waste substances to other environmental contaminants eg plant waste.

Therefore, in the lecture Biology are also taught about the course material Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). In the material taught on how to analyze a company or factory to be established in suatau region, whether the level of pollution caused are still on the verge of normal limits or dangerous.

7. Benefits in Industrial Sector

Biology benefits in the industry of course includes a variety of industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, antibiotics, and so forth.

Or also in the food industry, or others. In the food industry for example, bread, yoghurt, nata de coco, tempeh, soy, or other types of fermented foods, is a process that requires knowledge of biology. In addition, fermented foods also have a higher nutritional value than the original. Want to try? Please

8. Benefits in Biotechnology

Technology field is also not free of Biological Sciences, for example in the case of genetic engineering, which is the form of cloning, gene insertion as creating bacteria that are able to overcome the problem of waste in the sea, or the creation of crops that can withstand certain pests or insects.

Or other simple things such as tissue culture, which is beneficial also to preserve the cultivated plants that is difficult using conventional means such as seeds, transplants, connect or otherwise.

9. Benefits in the Field of Nuclear Weapons Technology

Yes, it sounds might be able to create a spooky if nuclear as a biological weapon that was busy talking in the military. But instead of that, the nuclear question in this case is the use of nuclear radiation to be used as a radiotherapy irradiation.

This is certainly useful for therapy or surgery, such as chemotherapy, radiation X-ray, sterilization, or other processes.

10. Benefit of Livestock

Biology benefits in the field of animal husbandry, the main thing is to produce seeds of superior animals. This is commonly done by crossing (hybridization) superior genes so it can produce superior animals as well. Eg for dairy cows, sheep meat, pork, chicken petelor, chicken meat, or other animals.

11. Benefits in Fisheries Sector

Biology benefits in the field of fisheries is certainly useful for the conservation of marine resources, namely fish. It is intended that the fish in the sea are not only arrested, but also need to be cultivated so that its presence in the sea is not depleted.

Cultivation techniques are normally carried out include the use of ponds, FADs (fish houses), floating net cages. It is also necessary for the preservation of mangrove forests as a small fish habiat newly hatched.

12. Benefits in Agriculture

Biology benefits in the field of agriculture have always applied. Since G. John Mendel discovered genes on the inheritance by Ercis beans, since then also research in the field of agriculture continues. It aims to be acquired genes agricultural crops have superior properties for further cultivated and produced.

This is important, plus the explosion of the human population are higher and result in a narrowing of agricultural land. Then the techniques of farming also needs to be improved, such as the hydroponic techniques to grow plants without using soil menamam, also hybridization techniques to produce seeds of superior plants and resistant to the more extreme environmental conditions.

Genetically Modified Agricultural Crops

Agricultural pest problem can not be separated from the process of agricultural crops. The existence of research in molecular biology level can produce genetically modified crops. These modified plants have the ability to produce toxins for insects or pests, so it can automatically kill insects or pests that attack the plant engineering. However, this plant is still safe for humans, that’s special.

13. Benefits in the field of Herbal Medicines

Herbs are not only derived from plants, but also can be derived from a mixture of animal parts. Ever heard at the drug store china, there is selling capsules of worms for typhoid disease drug (typus). Well, in the course of making the necessary experiments to test the feasibility of the herbal medicine.

And that has been popular in the community is a herbal medicine from plants. With the understanding and knowledge about medicinal plants, it simply can be developed and cultivated at home. By utilizing the yard of the house that can be useful as a medicinal plant for the family.

14. Benefits in the Energy Sector

Biogas is one example of an energy source produced from bacterial fermentation process which uses cow manure feedstock. These are concrete examples of waste which might normally only for the fertilizer plant, now it can be used as an energy source for cooking gas or electric energy source.

In addition, there is also the discovery of bio-diesel which utilize castor oil as a substitute for fossil fuels for motor vehicle fuels.

15. Benefits in the Field of Space (Space)

At the beginning of the experiment the flight into space, the man has not dared to use a human pilot, but the use of animals. Once proven safe for living beings, we then use the human pilot to the flight into space.

The purpose of the space research was not separated from research obejek living beings. Various attempts were made to prove that there are living beings who can live in space or other planets besides Earth.

16. Benefits in the Field of Food (Food Supplies)

Abroad have intensified the food industry (food) it. It aims to create healthy foods are to be consumed with good nutrition for human health. Because that is the branch of biology which deals with the maintenance of food for human health, called hygien.

17. Benefits in the field of Culinary (Cuisine)

Biology benefits in the field of culinary (cooking) that is associated with the processing of a flavor that utilize a variety of materials and hewai vegetable and spice blend right to produce food that is healthy, hygienic, savory and delicious to eat.

18. Benefits in the Field of Social Life

Biology in social benefits for example in a criminal case. Sometimes in case of need krimial victim identification process that has no identifiable face using personal data as well as the physical characteristics of the body. For example due to victims who suffered severe damage to the body like a bomb hit. Then using DNA analysis, the victims are still identifiable genetic.

Or other examples such as the case of children of unknown parents. Well, you would have understood the process or solution.

19. Benefits in the Field of National Defence

Biology benefits in the country’s defense is nothing but the creation of a tool or a weapon of mass destruction such as biological bomb (biological weapons). This weapon is not like nuclear weapons which when exploded would destroy everything around him.

Biological weapons far more dangerous, according to information circulating in the world that was created with the weapons material pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and germs. And if it had been blown up, then you must have guessed.

Biological inflicted by the bombs indiscriminately, all beings can be affected from illness to death, even the effect of this biological bomb could have been in a long time, because the microorganisms could be further spread and multiply.

Well, that’s some biological benefit in various fields. Although there is also the danger, but not to be abused. Quite useful are applied in life, OK. May be useful for anyone who reads this information.

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