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Do not just study the examples, the benefits of, or material wealth of biodiversity in Indonesia. But the important thing is how to maintain and preserve biodiversity. Why is that? Because today many are proud of killing and slaughter of game animals that are rare and protected, then exhibited in social media. Are moral Indonesian people today have started badly like that? Hemm .. SEVERE. !!!

The importance of biodiversity in Indonesia not only has benefits for the present, but also for the future and the next generation. How wonderful if we could coexist with the environment and living things around. Come, let’s learn and recognize the natural resources in Indonesia. Summary matter biodiversity in Indonesia will give us the knowledge of how rich our country. Knowable also various examples of biodiversity are not necessarily owned by other countries.

Unfortunately right, if wealth is not maintained and preserved and eventually extinct. Remember, in Indonesia today more and more environmental damage that causes loss of biodiversity and threaten the existence of flora and fauna are endangered. Even extinct also exist, an example of Java tiger.

Remember !!! creatures that have been extinct life will never live again, and will not be able to look again to our children and grandchildren generi later. This material is a continuation of previous material that discusses level of biodiversity. If you still do not know what level of biodiversity, please review previous material here »Level Biodiversity.

About Biodiversity in Indonesia, Material, Sample & Benefits

Biodiversity in Indonesia

Biodiversity in Indonesia is very high. Evidently, most types of plant life on Earth can be found in Indonesia. There are about 38,000 species of plants, 3,000 species of moss, 4,000 kinds of nails, and 20,000 plant species seed (8% of the world) that have been investigated. Of the thousands of plant species, estimated that only 10% had been utilized by people as food, ornamental plants, medicines, building materials, industrial materials, and so on.

Indonesia also proved to have a wealth of diversity of animals and many of which are endemic. From the survey results IBSAP in 2003 it is known that in Indonesia there are 515 species of mammals (36% endemic, the first rank of the world), 35 species of primates (25% endemic), 511 species of reptiles, 1,531 species of birds (some endemic), 270 species of amphibians and 212 butterfly species (44% endemic). Examples include a tiger endemic to Java, Bali starling white in Bali, one-horned rhinos in Ujung Kulon (West Java), binturong, monkeys, tarsiers in North Sulawesi, lemurs and maleo only in Sulawesi, dragons on Komodo Island and its environs.

Somehow today, the Indonesian people seem to decrease the level of awareness and concern for the environment. As a result, many species of animals Indonesia endangered, for example babirusa, Sumatran tigers, Javan tigers, panthers, leopards, orangutans, Sumatran rhinoceros, tapir, elephants, proboscis monkeys, dragons, bull, eagle Java, Javan Lapwing, paradise, tree kangaroos, maleo, king parrots, hornbills, cassowary, estuarine crocodiles, alligators irian, green turtles and pythons.

Causes Indonesia Has High Biodiversity

Indonesia why biodiversity is so high? These are the factors that lead to biodiversity in Indonesia is very high.

  • Indonesia is an archipelago
  • Indonesia has elements of flora and fauna ranging from Indomalaya region to Australia
  • Indonesia biogeography is divided into two zones, namely the area of ??oriental and Australian regions. Oriental region includes Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan, while the Australian region covers the whole island in eastern Indonesia
  • Indonesia has many islands scattered in the archipelago and isolated for thousands of years so that the high-level endemisnya. Therefore, many species of flora and fauna found only in Indonesia
  • As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has a vast sea, which is 3,650,000 km2 with a coastline of 81,000 km, 14% of the earth’s long coast
  • Because the vast sea, Indonesia has a beach with mangrove forests are the largest and richest flora and fauna, which is 4.25 million ha;
  • With the vast sea, Indonesia has the richest coral reef resources, such as atolls, coral reef ledges, coral reef barriers (barrier), and the distribution of coral reefs.

Based on the above factors, it can be concluded that the biodiversity of Indonesia is very high. This is because each geographic zone has a different character, many islands that stores endemic animals and plants, and a vast sea area with specific biodiversity. Can you imagine how diverse biological Indonesia?

The uniqueness Distribution of Biodiversity in Indonesia

To find out the unique biodiversity of flora and fauna in Indonesia, wilayan Indonesia is divided into three parts by the Wallace Line and Weber. What was the line of Wallace and Weber, please read the full explanation here » Wallace Line and Weber.

Based on Wallace Line and Weber, there are three zones that divide the territory of Indonesia.

1. Zona Oriental (the Western Region Indonesia)

Zona Oriental covering western Indonesia, namely Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Bali. Diversity of flora in western Indonesia, dominated by plant canopies (tallest plants in the forest) to form a forest canopy. Plants including families Dipterocarpaceae, including wood kruing (Dipterocarpaceae), meranti (Shorea sp.), Lime wood (Dryobalanops aromatica), and wood rakes (Gonystylus bancanus), there are also mango (Mangifera indica), durian (Durio zibethinus) and breadfruit tree (Artocarpus)

The diversity of fauna in western Indonesia, covering various animals asia such as primates (apes, monkeys, proboscis monkeys, orangutans, tarsiers, and so on), a variety of large mammals (elephant, buffalo, orangutans, monkeys, tapirs, rhinoceroses, tigers, deer, wild boar), and various types of birds chirping (starlings, turtledove, finches, etc.).

2. Zone Australia

Zone Australia also called Australis or Australasia, covering the eastern region of Indonesia, Maluku and Papua. Diversity of flora in eastern Indonesia, there is a forest with trees are low and are in flat areas such as matoa and Ficus (family banyan).

Diversity fauna in eastern Indonesia, covering a wide range of small mammals, marsupalia or marsupials (kangaroos, opossums, wallabies, and so on), and various types of birds striking color (paradise, cockatoos, etc.)

3. Zone transition

zone is a region contained transitional biodiversity comes from the Oriental zone and zone Australis. This zone covers the central region of Indonesia, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara.

Diversity of flora in the transition zone. On this region there are eucalyptus trees and animals opossums are more similar to plants and animals of the zone Australasia diversity of flora in the transition zone, covering various animal species of the type of asia and australia, such as tarsiers, dwarf buffalo, pigs, opossums, babirusa, owls, and Maleo

Biological Keanekagaraman benefits in Indonesia

Explanation of the above certainly provides a lot of insight about how much biodiversity in Indonesia. Not just more examples of biodiversity alone, but from this diversity we also will know the various benefits of biodiversity. Detailed descriptions please click here » Benefits of Biodiversity.

Understand and also apply Summary Biodiversity materials in Indonesia, in order to maintain its sustainability in order to continue to exist until our grandchildren Remember, that are already extinct then we and the next generation will never be seen anywhere in the world.

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