15 Digestive Enzyme in Human Food and Their Function, IMPORTANT

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Digestive Enzymes – The food you eat is not only mechanically crushed and smoothed only pretty, but also chemically digested using enzymes. Yes, the aim is for molecules and nutrients can be absorbed by the blood and flowed into the body.

Since the food is crushed and chewed in the mouth, the food also has undergone a process of chemical digestion with enzymes found in the mouth. Then, wherever the food is digested by enzymes? Want to know more information, please refer to the following review.

Anyway, hopefully loyal friend who is studying biology this time in good health and not experiencing problems in his digestive tract. So that they can enjoy delicious food with gusto, without consuming any supplements to be healthier. emm …

Digestive Enzymes

What is the enzyme? Actually enzymes are proteins. Yes, the enzyme is a protein biomolecules that serve as catalysts (accelerates the process of chemical reactions). Enzymes involved in the process of reaction but after the process is complete enzyme reaction of its own separate and not joined the compounds produced products.

Various kinds of food Digestive Enzymes and Their Functions

In food there are 3 substances will be split, ie carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Here are some of the digestive enzymes found in the human digestive tract organs in order.

Mouth (1)

Enzymes in the mouth there is only one kind, namely ptialin or amylase. Its function is to break down starch into maltose.

Stomach (3)

Enzymes in the stomach there are several kinds:

  • Enzymes Pepsin, its function is to convert protein into peptone
  • Enzyme Renin, function to change kaseinogen into casein (milk protein) and precipitate the casein milk
  • Lipase enzymes gastric, function to convert triglycerides into fatty acids
  • Hydrochloric acid (HCL), this fact is not an enzyme, but it has a role to mengaktifak enzyme pepsinogen into pepsin. It also serves to kill bacteria or germs.

Pancreas (3)

Enzymes produced by the pancreas will empty into the intestine 12 fingers, because it was issued in the intestine 12 fingers it is often referred to as an enzyme in the intestine 12 fingers. The following kinds:

  • Amylase enzymes, function is to convert starch into maltose and glucose
  • Lipase enzymes Steapsin, its function is to emulsify fats into fatty acids and glycerol
  • The enzyme trypsin, function to change the protein (peptone) into a polypeptide (amino acids)

Intestine (8)

Enzyme in the intestine an enzyme in the small intestine. There are several kinds, namely:

  • Disakarase enzyme serves to convert disaccharides into monosaccharides
  • Maltase enzyme serves to convert maltose into glucose
  • Lactase enzyme is used to convert lactose into glucose and galactose
  • Sucrase enzyme serves to convert sucrose into glucose and fructose
  • Enterokinase enzymes (specifically enzymes) function to convert trypsinogen into trypsin used in the pancreatic duct
  • Paptidase enzyme serves to change the polypeptides into amino acids
  • Enzymes Erepsin / dipeptidase serves to change the dipeptide or peptones into amino acids
  • Intestinal Lipase enzyme is used to convert fats into fatty acids and glycerol

kinds of food on the human digestive enzymes and function

id.wikipedia.org, All Kinds Of Digestive Enzymes

Well, enough of that first biological materials on several kinds of names enzyme digestion of food in humans and their functions. If there are less obvious, please ask via comments or Contact in this blog. May provide benefits to anyone who read it. And thank you for visiting.

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