11 General Characteristics of the Plants, Interest for Learning

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Characteristics of Plants – Learn about the world of plants (Plantae Kingdom) is very wide, because there are so many species of plants in the world. Not that everything has to be recognized and memorized. But at least we can identify the characteristics of some groups of plants that are around us. For instance there are mosses (Briophyta), spikes (Pteridophyta), seeded (Spermatophyta), monocots, dicots, gymnosperm (gymnosperms), as well as closed seed plants (Angiospermae).

Duh has not yet been the term again, hehe .. Ignore first term it will also be studied further. As an illustration only, limit the study of plants as a group of plants above.

Plant Characteristics

If we observe in general, plants have parts whose name the roots, stems, and leaves. And when observing plants in the neighborhood, of course there are many other types of plants. There is a life on the plateau as on the mountain, there is also a life on the beach, there is also a life in the fields, field, rocks, buildings, or even some living in the walls of the house.

Well, if observed in detail, it turns out there are plants that seem to have no roots, and even some plants that seem to have no leaves, er .. have you seen? If you have not seen or may have seen but do not know, or pretend not to know, yes please do not what. The important thing to remember just remembered-any of you know of the plant had ever seen. Later in order to more quickly understand the characteristics of the plants below.

Based on the facts in the neighborhood that was still stout plant species that is not yet widely known by people. Therefore, let us learn in more detail about the characteristics of plants in more detail.

Characteristics of Common Plants (Plantae)

Here are the common traits possessed by plants.

  • Is a multicellular organism
  • The cells are eukaryotic (having nuclear membrane)
  • Have chlorophyll
  • Having the ability fofosintesis
  • The cell walls composed of cellulose compound
  • Are autotrophic (able to produce their own food)
  • Storing excess carbohydrates in the form of starch
  • Can reproduce sexually or asexually
  • There is a breed with spores such as moss and nails, there is also a breed with seeds
  • There is a rotation descent in plants berspora
  • Is stationary or can not move
  • common characteristic traits in plants (Plantae)

Benefits of Plants

Plants are organisms that become food producers for itself. Plants also be food organisms consumers (herbivores). Plants also produce a variety of fruit and other photosynthetic results that O2 gas that is needed by other organisms. Then, let alone the benefits that other plants? Which is certainly a great deal, you try to think and learn more on other plant material.

Interesting facts about herbs

You know, plants have the most rapid growth is bamboo. Bamboo can grow up to 35 inc in one day.
The chili, tomatoes and eggplants are fruits, not vegetables.
There are nearly 600 species of plants kanivora that eat insects and small animals.

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Enough was first starting materials for recognize plants. Hopefully the material characteristics of common plants can increase knowledge and horizons. If there are characteristics of plants that are still lacking, please provide comments or messages via contact. May be useful.

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